Boat/Trailer Storage

If you own a boat or a trailer and don't have room in your garage to store it, you will have to find a storage facility where you can keep it (considering our CCRs do not allow anyone to store such vehicle in the driveway, in front yard, on the street, or even in the side and back yard unless completely concealed from public view (per article 7, section 4.B).

Many storage facilities around the lake don't offer such storage. Many others do offer it but have no current availability and you must sign up for a long waiting list. Finally, some of those who do have available spots charge over $100 per month per unit.

Here at Edgewater, we offer a boat/trailer storage area for our HOA members for only $300 per year (that is just $25 per month). Our storage lot has 40 spots for you to store your boat or trailer. Lots 1-20 are 25 feet long and are best suited for cars, Jetskis, and small boats. Lots 21-40 are 35 feet long and can accomodate longer boats and even some RVs. All lots are 10 feet wide. These spots are allotted for those residents who choose to store their boat/trailer at Edgewater where they can keep a close eye on it. Spot are awarded on a first come, first serve basis.

Our boat/trailer storage area is fenced and secured with a gate. Only tenants have access to this area. It located on 9537 E. Shoreline Ct., Kemp, TX 75143.

If you are interested in storing your boat/trailer in one of our spots, please review the below map which indicates which spots are still available and fill out the Boat/Trailer Storage Agreement form. Lots that are shaded and have no numbers are already taken.