News from 2024

July 2024 - Fiber Internet is Coming to Edgewater

Fiber Internet is coming to Edgewater. A new open fiber company, Open Infra, has announced that they will lay fiber optic cables in the area (including our subdivision). They will install fiber to the houses of those people that sign up. It will cost $99 for the first 24 months, and then after, you have 2 options: either stay with their provider, namely Infinity Internet for $79/month; or choose from one of a dozen other providers. If you are interested in signing up, you can contact the project manager in charge. His name is Niclas Sandstrom: (863) 330-0117 or

June 2024 - Clubhouse Update

After a full year where the construction of our clubhouse has been put on hold, we finally managed to get a new architect to redo the blueprints in accordance with the fire marshal requirements. We also got a survey of the property, showing the plat, the location of the old pavilion and the new clubhouse, the road, and the nearest fire hydrant. We hope this put the wheels in motion to go back and finish this project.

May 2024 - Gate Openers Update

The board of directors has decided to postpone the myQ app option in order to save thousands of dollars.

There is a fee associated with each Internet module, and there is a fee associated with every user. Those fees are monthly. When we add the 3 modules on all 3 gates, and when we consider at least 2 app users per property, the annual fee is over $5,000.

There are not enough people that have built and live in Edgewater that would justify spending this much when most of the property owners come to Edgewater a few times per year.

We are going to go back to the format that have have always had for many years now, namely, those homeowners that build a house will get a clicker. The others can use the 4-digit code on the keypad.

Those homeowners with a clicker can purchase as many additional clickers as they want.

The model is LiftMaster 811LMX. It can be purchased online. The programming is simple.






April 2024 - Gate Openers Warning

Please note that new gate opener system has both gate leaves open to the inside. This means you will need to park about 20 feet away from the gate on exit (at the STOP HERE sign). This will ensure that the gates can swing open without hitting your vehicle. Also, the gates are set to close after 10 seconds of being open. This allows one vehicle to pass at a time. Finally, there is no playing or climbing on or around the gates.

Edgewater is NOT liable for any injury, damage, or loss caused by any problems or malfunction of the gates.

March 2024 - New Gate Openers

All Edgewater's residents and guests hated the gate openers that the developer had installed in 2017. They were not heavy duty; they were very slow to open and close; they were not strong enough to withstand the strong wind we regularly have around the lake; and they were not Wi-Fi capable, nor had the option to use a phone app to control them. If that was not bad enough, from the very beginning (i.e. 2018), they were constantly breaking down (sometimes, 2-3 times a week). As a result, they had to be replaced with something more commercial, more heavy duty, and with newer technology.

Last year, the board of directors, approved the necessary funds to do a complete overhaul of the whole gate opener systems (on all 3 entrances). Then, a new gate contractor, Tyler Arnold, was hired and immediately started with the main gate (on entrance #2). The new gate openers work! What a novel idea! They can be opened with the old keypad, a new clicker, and with the myQ app from LiftMaster (which can be downloaded from your app store for free).

Homeowners can request a new LiftMaster clicker (to replace your existing Nice Apollo clicker) by emailing

February 2024 - More Road Repairs

Edgewater's aging roads keep needing repairs. This year, 4 new road sections were on the list of repairs (3 sections on Big Water Lane and 1 section on Southern Shore Court). Therefore, our asphalt contractor was hired to sawcut all of the holes and bad sections in the affected areas, remove the existing damaged asphalt and 4” of existing dirt subgrade, grade and compact existing subgrade, install and compact 3” of concrete Flex Base (TxDot Item 247), apply Tack coat adhesive to adjacent asphalt edges to assure bonding of new and old asphalt, and finally install 3” of Type D surface course asphalt hot mix compacted to manufactures specifications. Gabriel, our contractor, also repaired for free a section from last year (under warrantee). He also fixed a bump on West Shoreline Drive for free. Thanks you Gabriel!

January 2024 - New Year... Same Dues... New TownSquare Account

Annual dues were due on 1/1/2024. If you haven't received your bill already (whether by mail or email), please contact Associa, our new property manager. Due to the transition from Texas Star to Associa, a grace period was enacted for 60 days. Late fees and interest will start afterward. The third and final special assessment is still due on March 1st.

Also, you will need to setup a new account with Associa's portal, TownSquare (even if you previously had a TownSquare account with Texas Star). It will use the same email address. You can still use the same Owner Login link on this website. You just need to create a new account for the new property management company. An email in that regard was sent in December with the following subject line: Edgewater at Cedar Creek Lake - TownSq Registration. If you didn't see it in your inbox folder, you might want to check your spam folder.